Welcome to Nor-Cal UK

Nor-Cal UK Ltd is the sole UK distributor for California based Nor-Cal Products Inc., one of the world’s market leaders in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel vacuum components. Nor-Cal provides the highest quality vacuum components, engineered solutions and technological leadership, and is the preferred supplier to several semiconductor and compound semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

Nor-Cal UK has embraced new technology as the high vacuum industry has grown, and constant investment in our manufacturing allows us to offer high quality, reliable vacuum components at competitive prices.

Our vacuum components are used in high and ultra high (UHV) vacuum applications, such as semiconductor fabrication, and are used by equipment manufacturers, end users and installation contractors.

Our throttling control valve technology, with both throttling butterfly and throttling sealing pendulum valves, are proving to have unparalleled pressure control performance.

DesignOur extensive range of angle valves, inline valves and gate valves have become an industry standard. We provide a wide range of vacuum foreline traps and foreline heater jackets which prevent by-product build-up, reducing foreline and vacuum pump maintenance.

Our Typical Customers:

  • Industrial and academic researchers who purchase standard, modified standard and custom components for physical, chemical and electrochemical experiments
  • Instrument manufacturers of surface analysis equipment
  • Thin film deposition system manufacturers for solar or industrial coatings
  • Laser device manufacturers
  • Aerospace industries

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